#1 Cause Of Disease and Death Is Ignorance

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   Monday, August 16th
  (PLEASE NOTICE NEW TIME!!!) US Time: 6pm PT, 7pm MT, 8pm CT, 9pm ET   Please Click Here For More Information

 Dr. Harry Elwardt explores why we are one of the sickest nations on the planet and what we can  do about it.  Dr. Elwardt believes the #1 cause of disease and death is  ignorance, and firmly believes that through personal education and a targeted nutritional program, we can begin to add years to our life and life to those years.

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These webinars are intended to increase the understanding of the structure and function (and in some cases, dysfunction) of the human body. They are in no way designed to be used as medical references for the diagnosis or treatment of medical illnesses or trauma. Neither Building Strength Webinars nor its founders can be responsible for any result derived from the use of the information obtained from attending the webinars or from the resources on the website. Views expressed by 


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