7 Ways to Feed Your Soul

Posted on 06. Aug, 2010 by Wendy in Inspiration

Hello There,

When I first became interested in ‘Wellness’ my main focus was on the importance of detox & nutrition in regards to being healthy and aging well. It didn’t take long to realize that to be completely well we must deal with every segment of our being…mind, body & soul.

How Do You Define Soul?

Here are a couple of definitions from Webster and Wikipedia:

the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

the moral and emotional nature of human beings b : the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment c : spiritual or moral force

Aristotle defined the soul as the core or “essence” of a living being

What happens when you neglect this area of your life?
I don’t know about you, but when I neglect this key area of my life… (feeding my soul) which I have a tendency to do by having too much on my plate at once…things start to get out of whack… I lose my joy and I’m not much fun to be around!

7 Ways to Feed Your Soul

Sunrise on my deck

1. Create a morning routine. And make it a relaxing one! For me, it means getting up early, so I’m not rushed…having my quiet time with God, a cup Starbuck’s, watching the sunrise and reading.  Making the time for this daily routine makes a huge difference in how my day goes.

2. Do less. For those of you who are like me, that’s a very difficult thing to do… there’s so much to accomplish everyday!  Learn to reduce what you do each day…choose the 5 most important tasks…ones that must be done and will make the biggest impact…focus on those until they are completed each day…this equals less stress and a sense of satisfaction.

3. Make time for the things that matter most. For me that’s my family and friends. Recently I came to the realization that I was not spending my time in a way that spoke that truth to the people in my life, and as a result, I’ve  made some changes to set boundaries on my time.

4. Music. There’s nothing like great music for soothing the soul and making you feel good…it’s one thing I would have a hard time living without!

5. Nature. Being in awe of all the amazing beauty that surrounds us on daily basis…things that so often get taken for granted in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. It’s hard to pick a favorite…in the summer I love the beach…listening to the sounds of the water, sea gulls, bright colored umbrella’s and children playing in the sand building castle’s.

6. Do mini-meditations. This is as simple as sitting where you are, closing your eyes, focus your breathing…deep…in thru the nose out thru the mouth, visualize things that make you happiest, goals you wish to accomplish, etc.

7. Great Food! I LOVE good food, a glass of red wine and some good company to enjoy it with…ahhh…what a nice way to end the work day.

I hope this list will encourage you to think about what  feeds your soul and you’ll make time for them.
Be Well!

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2 Responses to “7 Ways to Feed Your Soul”

  1. Deborah Richmond

    06. Aug, 2010

    Number 6 is one I know I should concentrate on more. A short break every once in a while for quiet meditation can be a good break between hectic activities in my day. Good suggestions!


    Wendy Reply:

    Hi Deborah,
    It’s amazing how just a few quiet moments can help us reduce stress! I’ve set the alarm on my cell phone to ring in the afternoon to remind me to stop what I’m doing and do my mini meditation.
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend!


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