Can Your Weight Loss Problems Be Summed Up In 2 Words?

Posted on 22. Jul, 2011 by Wendy in Health/Wellness

So, what do you think…can your weight loss problems be summed up in 2 words?

Here are some thoughts for your consideration…

The weight loss industry has become a BILLION dollar industry, the fact that the market is so enormous shows that it’s a huge problem, and that people do have the desire to change. So “why” is it that even though people are making the financial investment in weight loss products and programs, the percentage of people who are overweight increases every year?

There are countless studies and theories related to this subject…and I’m certainly not going to claim to have all of the answers…but I do have a few that may help shed some light on the subject.

 Based on the research that I have done I feel quite confident in saying that the under lying problem comes down to two words:

 Our Emotions – our emotions control our actions

 Dr. Oz says “hormonal imbalances follow emotions not the other way around”

 Stress… is the “weight gain” drug which causes and over-production of Cortisol, which is directly related to belly fat. Cortisol also decreases nutrient absorption and increases salt retention.

 Well, here’s some good news for you!

 Happiness/Pleasure…is the best “weight loss” drug… I know it sounds like a corny, hippie concept but it’s true!

 According to Mark David a weight loss expert “Pleasure is a powerful metabolizer that increases oxygenation and blood flow and decreases the production of cortisol and insulin, ultimately helping to burn fat and build muscle.” 

Very cool! So now you’re armed with a new weapon to use against stress…Happiness/Pleasure!

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time at work, you may be saying to yourself “how am I supposed to find time for happiness/pleasure?”

It’s really quite simple, if you choose to practice this technique daily; you start by getting a little pocket notebook or journal and making a list of all the things that make you happy…keep this list with you…when you start feeling stressed I challenge you to take out the list, take a few deep breaths, pick an item from your list…close your eyes…and think about the thing that makes you happy…hold onto that thought and start to see it in your mind…feel the experience…hold onto the picture/thought/feeling as long as you can.  Notice the difference in how you feel. :)  

When I first learned of this technique I couldn’t hold onto a positive thought for more than a few seconds so don’t get too down on yourself if it takes a bit to get into the flow of it…I promise it’s worth the effort to be consistent with this practice.  Your mind is a powerful tool that can either help or hurt you…so why not use it to help you!

I’m currently working on creating a product that will provide powerful steps to help overcome the negative emotions that keep us stuck. My sincere desire is to help people take advantage of the years of trial and error I have gone through to learn how to be successful in acquiring a winning inner game.

 For those of you who are struggling with lack of energy, stress, weight issues and/or poor health I would love the opportunity to chat with you and share some of the resources that have empowered me to heal myself from emotional and physical pain through mind/body awareness.

“The moment we claim responsibility for our lives. is the instant we take control”  Mark Fournier – Author         Self Help Me 

Be Well!


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