How To Reach Your Goals

Posted on 01. Jan, 2011 by Wendy in Health/Wellness, Personal Development

It’s a New Year…a clean slate…the opportunities are endless…so let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

The first thing that’s required before you consider how to reach your goals is to get clear on who you really are, what’s important to you and who you really want to become. 

 Your core values will help you navigate your life and keep you on course to your desired destination.  So if you haven’t taken the time to define what your core values are I encourage you to do that now…go to  and download your FREE copy of the Core Value Assessment – Life Assessment – Goal Designing System.

How many times have you seen people give major chunks of their life for the achievement of the wrong goals?  That would pretty much describe my life for the past 2 years!

Jim Rohn once said “If I had known how much going for some of those early goals would have cost me I probably wouldn’t have paid the price”  Ouch…I can relate to that one too.

One last piece of advice before setting big goals for yourself…before you write your business goals or your business plan for this year, build your life plan…figure out what kind of life you desire to have first.  Where would you like to live, what type of people would you like to be surrounded by, whether or not you would like to work weekends and nights, would you like to travel, would you like to be home for dinner every night…you get the picture.

Most of us do it just the opposite…we build our business and then try to figure out how to fit our lives into it…usually sacrificing most of the rest of our life trying to figure out how to reach our goals.

If we continue to live this way we are likely to discover that we paid too high a price and sacraficed what was really important in life for too little.  Trust me when I say…this is not a good plan!  Been there done that.

How goal setting really works; you see, experience and get what you look for…if you don’t know what to look for you certainly won’t get it.

A goal that is not written down is merely a fantasy…so why not take some time and make a list of  your most important goals.

Darren Hardy recommends considering your goals in every aspect of your life…not just for your business or finances, be aware of the high price of putting too much focus on any single aspect of your life to the exclusion of everything else.  Go for the whole life success, balance in all aspects of life that are important to you, family, relationships, spirituality, health, well being, business, finance, lifestyle, etc.

Jim Rohn also said, the first question to ask is “who do I need to become?”   If you want to have more you have to become more.  “Success isn’t something you pursue, what you pursue will elude you…success is something you become.”

What stands between you and your goal is your behavior.  Ask yourself; what do you need to start doing to change your course so you are headed in the right direction? What habits and behaviors do you need to subtract from or add to your life?

Your life comes down to this formula:

Your choices+behavior+habits – compounded = your goal

That’s why it’s so important to figure out what behaviors are blocking the path that leads you to your goal and what behaviors will help you accomplish the goals you desire.

This is why tracking is SO important…do you know how many hours a day you spend in front of the TV…or on the computer doing low value things…how many hours you spend on Facebook, Twitter, or for that matter how many times a day you put something in your mouth that isn’t good for you?

Your first job is to become aware of how you’re behaving.

Brian Tracy calls this the E versus E ratio – Entertainment versus Education. 

What is your ratio?

He said that 80% of the people are pre-occupied with entertainment with I pods, music, tv, Facebook, but the top 20% are focused on education, in getting better all the time.  So any person, any where in the world can go to the top if they just focus on getting better and just learning to try something new every single day and keep improving.

That is a great thing to evaluate…what is your education versus entertainment ratio?  Give that some thought!

The slightest changes in your daily routines can dramatically alter the outcomes in your life.

The next topic I’ll cover is finding your Mojo…or WHY power!  So in the meantime give some thought to ”why” you desire to reach your goals.

Cheers to an amazing New Year!


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3 Responses to “How To Reach Your Goals”

  1. Val Wilcox

    04. Jan, 2011

    You’ve given quite a few good points to create success in your life. I especially like “Your choices+behavior+habits – compounded = your goal”

    Tracking & planning for your goals gives a measure of your progress. Being aware of where you are & where you want to be sets you up for success. Thanks for sharing your resources,
    Val :)


    Wendy Reply:

    Hi Val,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
    I’ve been listening to The Compound Effect for the past couple of weeks and have been compelled to share what I’m reading as I progress thru the information…so you can thank Darren Hardy for his awesome book. There will be more to come so stop by again. :)
    Warmest Regards,


  2. crystal healing pendant

    09. Feb, 2011

    Thank you for some excellent advice on goal setting for me goal setting is important, as it give me direction in my life.


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