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Posted on 29. Dec, 2010 by Wendy in Health/Wellness

Hello Friends!

I don’t know about you but I don’t plan to be a New Year’s Resolution Statistic this year!  That being said I have a special offer to pass along for those of you who would like to join me in making 2011 the BEST year ever!!!  I’m SO excited to share “why” I feel so confident that this year will truly be an amazing year…reason #1 I have a simple, proven,  system to follow…

Until midnight on Friday, December 31st you can receive a FREE copy of the book ‘The Compound Efffect’  by Daren Hardy of Success Magazine and learn how to totally transform your life in 2011... To learn how keep reading!

It’s that time of year again, the time when many of us start making a list of “resolutions” for the New Year.

Do you know what the number one resolution people make each year is?

Year after year, Americans seeking a better quality of life cite adopting a healthier lifestyle and losing weight among their top New Year’s resolutions.*

Yet, despite resolving to get in shape, 68% of Americans continue to be overweight, with 33.8% classified as obese, according to the National Institutes of Health. In addition the majority of people who join gyms have quit going on a regular basis by the end of February…so much for resolutions!

Why is it that we can keep making the same resolutions year after year, yet we don’t see results?

It’s because resolutions only require words… Results require action!

Are you committed to improving your health and energy next year?

 This holiday season, as we enter a New Year… with a fresh, clean slate, give a gift to yourself, and those you care most about… the gift of a more energetic, healthy and vibrant life!

Whether it’s losing weight, regaining energy or simply creating a more youthful and vibrant life, Visalus Sciences has created specialized products & systems to help you reach the results you desire.

These products and systems combined with the insights and tools you will gain from reading the ‘The Compound Effect’will help transform your life…by identifying the specific challenges that have been holding you back and then provide you with the tools, nutritional supplements and strategies to create the life you’re resolved to get!

Take action now and create a new year of unlimited energy, vitality & success!

We know taking action requires courage and commitment (if it didn’t everyone would do it), so to encourage you to GET RESULTS IN 2011, if you take action in the next 72 hours, you will receive ‘The Compound Effect’ by Darren Hardy as my FREE gift!  You will see that the Compound Effect is always working in your life…either for you or against you.  You’ll also learn that the choices you make can help put this powerful operating system to work in your favor. Take the 90 Day Challenge and Transform your life!

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Make 2011 the year that you get results—stop making resolutions and start taking action!

With deepest respect,
Wendy DeJong

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 Stay tuned…I’ll have lots more info on how you can transform your life in 2011!

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