Overcoming The Working Women’s Cooking Rut

Posted on 05. Mar, 2011 by Wendy in Health/Wellness

It’s Saturday morning, I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, thinking about all of the things that I must get done today…one being bring dinner to my father, so I start flipping thru the pages of the March issue of Cooking Light for some dinner options that I could make with very LITTLE effort.

Not only did I find plenty of tasty things to choose from I also found the perfect topic for my blog post…thank you Cooking Light!

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been suffering from a ‘Resolution Hangover’ and believe it or not cooking a minimum of 4 days/week was one of the goals on my list of ‘Resolutions’ or goals…sadly, it’s the only goal on my list that I did a decent job of staying on track with.

When my children were still at home I worked full time running my business and still managed to make a home cooked meal almost every evening…looking back I don’t know how I managed to do it.  I did it because it was important to me that they had nutritious food in the evening and that we ate together and stayed connected as a family as often as possible.

So how did I get in this rut of going to the deli and paying a premium for items that come the closest to being home cooked and nutritious?

Working long days and not having time or the desire to prepare meals on a daily basis.

Back in the day I would spend Sunday afternoon having a cup of coffee and looking thru my Cooking Light magazines, planning at least a weeks worth of menu’s and writing out a shopping list for those items. Not only did that ensure that I wouldn’t come home and wonder what I was going to prepare, it also cut down on the grocery bill. 

Ok, so I know what worked back then but here’s the deal…because weekends go so fast and are so precious to me, I have not had the desire to spend hours organizing or preparing for meals for the week…which has put me into the working women’s cooking rut!!!  Making the same 5 – 10 things over and over…how boring is that!

I manage to stay slim and healthy by drinking my meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch…eating fruit/veggies, almonds and lean meat for snacks…taking my supplements etc., but now I’m determined to get back to enjoying making a meal that people rave about. When I do take the time, it gives me such satisfaction to be able to show the people I care about that it matters to me…that I don’t want to throw any old thing in front of them and call it dinner.

My plan; start by spending time finding recipes that I can put in the crock pot so they done when I’m ready to have dinner. Once I get this habit mastered I can move on to being more creative in the kitchen again!

Starting on page 63 of the March issue there is a section titled “Healthy Living” which covers Nutrition, Health, Food, Home, Beauty and Fitness.  Learn how to fit cooking into your crazy schedule. Or you can go to www.cookinglight.com/healthyhabits for tips on easy, quick meals and other insights for making 2011 a ‘Healthy Habits’ year. The downside of going to the website is all the advertisements that pop up…but as you know it costs $ to produce valueable content and the tools that they have provided for you there.

One of the things that I love about Cooking Light is that is shows the protein, carbs and fat for every recipe…that is a HUGE bonus for me! It helps me to teach the people that I’m coaching in weight control how to make the best choices. It also makes it easy for me to show them how to tweak a recipe to lower the carbs and fat to stay within the target balance for each meal.

The path to a healthier lifestyle begins one LITTLE habit at a time!

Are you ready?

I’m personally interested in working with anyone who is ready to begin a healthier lifestyle, who may have weight to lose and doesn’t like what they see when they look in the mirror.  I’d love the opportunity to coach you and help you to love yourself as you are…while on the journey to reaching your goals and getting the body you desire. You can reach me for a free 30 minute call to see if  this is something that would help you by filling out the guest register of the Body by Vi tab on the sidebar of my blog or by calling 616-262-5239. You can also request a sample of the meal replacement shake that I take daily.

Check out the Body by Vi 90 Challenge tab on the sidebar of my blog and be sure to look at the ‘Success Stories’ tab within that page.  My son lost 25lbs in his first 30 days on the challenge and one of the young men that I’m currently coaching lost 20lbs during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season! The best part is that it tastes great so it’s not something you dread drinking everyday. I love it … it’s one of my secrets for staying slim and getting balanced nutrition for under $2.00/meal!

Cheers to a New Year filled with Healthy Habits!

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