The Power In The Small Step.

Posted on 26. Oct, 2010 by Wendy in Health/Wellness, Inspiration, Personal Development


How many great accomplishments were accomplished in one bold stroke?

Did we get to the moon in one giant leap or did it take years and years of  thousands and thousands of small steps?

Did the winning team at the Superbowl just walk in, play the game and walk away with the trophy?  Of course not, every victory, in any endeavor is always preceded by small steps. The team that wins the super bowl spends far more hours in practice than in the actual games.  The road to the super bowl is made up of thousands of small steps.

You can win your game with small steps to the TOP.  Everyday, everyday, everyday.

By John Haremza

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “why”people don’t achieve the results they set out to accomplish when they start a new goal.

Could it be that we’re in such a rush to have whatever it is that we’ve set our heart and mind on that we are easily discouraged when things don’t go the way we expect them to?

For me this is often the case.

We often set ourselves up for failure when we don’t start out by anticipating the challenges and planning to over come them. Having the determination and mindset that says I WILLaccomplish what I set out to achieve regardless of the obstacles that come my way is crucial to success in any goal.

Four Key Components To Success: Planning – Determination – Mindset – Will. 

Without those components it’s very unlikely that you will accomplish any goal. It’s too easy to make excuses for “why” you’re not succeeding, or “why” you gave up on your goals/dreams.

We didn’t get overweight, out of shape, in poor health, or in debt overnight, so “why” should we expect that it can be reversed overnight?

You reverse the effects of these negative aspects of your life by taking ACTION! 

 Small steps…day after day after day!  With a clear picture of the end result constantly in your mind, and by having a picture in a place that you can see everyday.

I just heard a story yesterday in a book review about a man who desired to land a specific, large account. He attached the name of that company inside of his hat so every time he put his hat on he saw the name of that company (men wore hats everyday at that time!) as you might guess…he DID end up landing that account.


Because every time he picked up his hat to put it on he saw the name of that company, and  it reminded him to take the necessary steps daily to make that a reality.

Make the commitment to yourself today that failure is NOT an option!!!

Assignment for today: write down your goals – make an action plan – be determined to succeed – focus your thoughts and mindset on that goal – it’s YOUR WILL… take control of it…have the WILL to succeed!

Do these things and there will be no stopping you! 

I’ll see you at the finsih line!


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3 Responses to “The Power In The Small Step.”

  1. Val Wilcox

    31. Oct, 2010

    You’ve given a great overview of ways to empower yourself through small daily actions towards your goals. Using this technique, you’ll keep making forward movement and before you know it, you’ve arrived!

    Thanks for sharing these tips,
    Val ;)


    Wendy Reply:

    Hi Val,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving words of encouragement…it’s always nice to hear from you!


  2. crystal healing pendants

    09. Feb, 2011

    I have always said that a house is really many bricks; and the house cannot be if there are no bricks. Small steps are like droplets of water in a bucket, sooner or later the bucket will be overflowing of water. Thank again


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