What Are You Made Of?

Posted on 26. Aug, 2010 by Wendy in Personal Development

You don’t have to look very far to see the various struggles that people face on a daily basis…whether it be issues with losing a job and the financial stress that may cause,  poor health or losing a loved one…the list is long.

No one sail’s through life without their share of heart ache or challenges…

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post…having my alone time in the morning with my coffee and time to read is key to keeping my stress level down. It gives me time to think about what’s going on in my life and see if I should chart a new course.  Often, the things that I read are just what I needed to hear for that particular day!

Here is a proverb that I read yesterday that resonates with me…

If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength!

Times of trouble can be useful…not fun but useful.  They can show you who you really are, what kind of character you have developed.  In addition they can help you grow stronger.

How can we expect to face big challenges in life if the little ones wear us out?  Don’t complain about your problems…the trouble you face today is training you to be stronger for the more difficult situations you may face in the future.

Change your perspective and decide to learn from every situation that you find yourself in…often it’s how we see things that is the real problem.

Enjoy your day!


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