Why Diets & Skipping Meals Are Probably Making You Fat!

Posted on 08. Oct, 2010 by Wendy in Health/Wellness

Why Diets & Skipping meals are probably making you fat!

 Once you start to radically reduce the calories you eat, your metabolism starts to shut down…and with it any hopes of losing weight.

Going on a reduced calorie diet or skipping meals kicks your survival mechanism into full gear; slows your metabolism and starts to store all the food you eat as fat.

So even though you are eating less food, your body thinks its starving and starts metabolizing food slower, burning less for energy, and storing more for fat.  That means that even though you are eating less you may not lose weight and may even gain weight.  Many people have slowed their metabolism so much that virtually everything they eat gets stored as fat.

They have become the human equivalent of a bear!  A bear eats nothing during hibernation and so its metabolism shuts down.  Eating too little works against you!

 Metabolism: Another key to Fat Loss

 One of the keys to losing weight fast is accelerating your metabolism.  Metabolism is the rate at which your body utilizes food for energy and cellular growth.  Simply stated – it’s the speed that your body burns the food you eat.

The amount of lean muscle tissue in your body also affects the speed of your metabolism. Lean muscle consumes a lot of calories just to exist, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. The more calories you burn, the less calories get stored as fat!

Picture your metabolism as a bonfire and the food you eat as logs you put on the fire.  If the bonfire is burning big and hot, it has no trouble burning up the logs that you put on it quickly.  Your metabolism works the same way; if you have a very fast metabolism your body can easily burn whatever you feed it.  That’s why some people seem to be able to eat anything they want and never gain weight.  The faster your metabolism, the more you can eat without gaining weight.

In general, the slower your metabolism, the less quickly your body will convert food into energy, and the food that doesn’t get burned as fuel will get stored as fat.  That’s when you get fat!


  1. Exercise – the amount and type of exercise you do can have a significant effect on your metabolic rate.  Cardiovascular exercises such as a brisk 15 – 20 minute walk at least 3 times a week. Body sculpting with weights or resistance bands to firm and tone muscle in just the areas that you desire. By doing so you will add lean muscle tissue that helps you burn more calories all day long and even while you sleep.


  3. Eating to Maintain Muscle – The biggest factor affecting your metabolic rate or how fast your body processes food and turns it into energy – is what you eat.  Many of the foods that are consumed daily in our diets have the ability to significantly slow or even stop the metabolic process. Foods with a lot of simple sugars such as soda, fruit juice, sweets, and processed foods like bread, pasta, and food out of a box or package…especially when consumed in the wrong combination with other foods, will release a hormone in your body that tells your body to stop converting food into energy and start storing everything as fat. That hormone is INSULIN! High levels of insulin over long periods of time can slow your metabolism down so dramatically that it will actually prevent your body from using stored fat as energy. Once that happens you are doomed to gain weight.

On the plan I follow & recommend you will be eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks daily.   WHY?

Instead of thinking you are starving your body will realize that food is in abundance. Every time the body is hungry, it gets fed, so the survival mechanism never kicks in.  The body assumes it can get all of the food it needs, so it stops storing the fat for an emergency.  Once your metabolism starts moving quickly, even heavy fattening foods, like a big log added to the raging bonfire, get burned up quickly.  That means, even if you fall out of balance once in a while, you will often continue to lose weight.  You will have stoked your body’s fat burning furnace so dramatically that your body sheds fat automatically.

The other BIG problem with dieting and skipping meals is that you don’t just lose fat; in fact one of the first things to go is muscle.  Its part of the survival mechanism. Muscle burns a large amount of calories, so if your body thinks it’s starving; it is going to start shedding muscle tissue.   When you lose muscle your body loses a significant amount of its ability to burn fat.  So at this point you have LOST the war on fat!

 By eating the correct balance of food and getting regular exercise you WILL reset your metabolism and put yourself on the path to a balanced lifestyle and achieve Super Heatlh.

Are you interested in finding out how I keep my weight off and still enjoy eating? I’d love the opportunity to share my secret with you, so when you’re ready to jump start your metabolism & start burning unwanted fat contact me and I’ll share the simple process I’ve used for the past decade.

Be Well!





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