Why Should I Detox – Cleanse?

Posted on 13. Sep, 2010 by Wendy in Health/Wellness

Why is it important to detox – cleanse before starting a diet or implementing a new eating plan?

When you eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, such as breads, pasta, potatoes, corn and rice, the carbohydrate’s change into blood sugar then converted into blood fat by the liver.  The fat in the blood is then stored away in your fat cells. If you consume a lot of starch and sugar on a regular basis, your insulin levels will remain high.  If insulin levels remain high, your fat is then LOCKED into your fat cells. This makes it difficult to lose weight and very easy to gain.

Health Benefits:

Helps turn around bad eating habits; your stomach will reduce to normal size

Energy levels rise physically, psychologically, and sexually

You start feeling like a different person & your attitude on life improves!

Digestion usually improves right away

Cleanses your digestive track of waste – fermenting bacteria

Clears excess mucous and congestion from the body

Enhances mental clarity

Less dependent on sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or drugs

Strengthens your immune system

Last fall was the first time I’d ever done a 3 day cleanse, I was amazed at how quickly the cravings for caffeine, sugar and salty/crunchy foods went away…once I got over the initial hunger pangs of the first day! In fact, on the 4th day I made my usual morning fare of Starbuck’s and couldn’t drink it…it tasted terrible!  This time I just may give up coffee for a while.

I started out today intent on following the 3 day Sugar/Fat Cleanse… it’s 1 of 3 great cleanse recipes/programs you can find in the book I’m following called “Eat And Be Well” by Krystal L Gray C.C.N

Note to self…don’t start a cleanse on a Monday unless it’s the 24 hour version…should have started on Friday evening and had the weekend to get thru the majority!  It’s definitely a commitment.

For information on the book/CD’s go to Glowing Inside And Out

Be Well!


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