Why We Need To Protect Our Freedoms…It’s Crucial To Our Health

Posted on 15. Jan, 2011 by Wendy in Health/Wellness

Wow…it’s been one of those sobering days of getting a glimpse of the big picture on many horizons.  I went from watching videos about the economic forecast to reading emails that brought me to this article.

We really do need to wake up and get involved in protecting our freedoms before we become the proverbial frogs in the pot!

I’ve read the statistics on what people are interested in reading and understand that positive happy things are where its at… I for one rarely watch the news…for the most part I choose to focus on things that are good and positive, I choose to expect the best outcomes for my life…but I have to tell you that the Health Ranger has a point in the paragraph titled; Can’t we just meditate our way out of this?   It’s worth reading and giving some thought.

Why protecting our freedoms is crucial to our health

If we do nothing and stay silent, it is guaranteed that our access to natural remedies and honest food will be stolen from us by tyrannical bureaucrats who incessantly work to protect the financial interests of Big Pharma and the sick-care industry. They don’t necessarily want you to be well. They don’t want you to buy local food. What they want is to turn consumers into cattle, where they feed you dead, processed foods and then make a fortune off the degenerative disease that inevitably develops as a result.

And they especially want you to do what you’re told and stop questioning vaccines. Stop questioning the chemicals in the food. Just eat it, swallow and buy into it.

Those who retain freedom are those who actively defend it. Eternal vigilance, as Jefferson said, is the price of freedom.   There’ more at stake than your health.

So…will you be a frog or will you take action? 

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